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Things to consider when you start senior dating

When you have been in a relationship for many years and have become single again due to a change in your circumstances: Divorce, separation or widowed, you need to understand the days when you were courting previously have changed considerably.  

You have decided now is the time to try and find love online.

You need to try to turn your attention on having fun not fear doing new things when you move onto the next stage of meeting someone who you have been chatting to online.
Do not worry there are still people out there who are still looking for a long-term relationship.
With the new and many ways people now meet on line using a variety of devices laptops, PC’s, Mobiles ETC you could be chatting to anyone anywhere and they could be doing the same. 

Safety when you are online dating

When you are single it is important to protect yourself and make sure you remain safe at all times.  You should make sure unscrupulous people do not take advantage of you because of your age. 

It is important to get to know the person you have been chatting to online before meet them offline, do not get too attached to them at this stage.  You have got be prepared to let them go if necessary.

When chatting to someone online “Strangers” lots of people do not tell the truth this has been proven statically, people are trying to sell themselves and make themselves sound attractive.  On our site we monitor for online scammers.

Do not give away personal details

When talking to someone new online it is easy to give away personal details without even realize that they could use the details to commit identity fraud.

Do not give away details such as date of birth, children’s names even pets.  Do not send money to someone.

It is easy to build up a trust in someone and give details away and so please be careful.  Anyone can acquire photos online and pretend it is them by loading them up onto their dating profile.

Beware lots of scammers target senior singles because senior singles have established themselves in life.  They have homes, cars and businesses.  It is not just up to dating websites to watch out for scammers it is up to you as well.


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