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Dating advice for single parents

When you are a single parent you sometimes have tough decisions to make, when should you tell your date you have kids?  When should you let your kids meet your date?  

You have been online when you when your children have been in bed chatting to and building up a relationship with a lady or a man (lots of people make the assumption all single parents are mothers).  You have come to the decision of meeting someone offline for a date.

When you start dating someone you have meet online you need ask yourself some questions. 

Are they the jealous type? 

Are they old enough to take on the responsibility to take on somebody else’s kids? 

Have they got a short fuse, are they patient?

You need to get to know them and their friends and family really to get to know how they tick.
How will your children accept having someone new come into their life?  Will your children hate them or accept them?  Will they think you are trying to replace Mum or Dad?

You need to accept after half a dozen dates you do not really know someone.  It takes time to see how people act in other peoples company and different situations.  Some people are adaptable and some are not adaptable different social situations.

It is important to keep your children informed of what you are doing, and if you are dating someone.   Teenage boys and girls are not very adaptable to someone new coming into their parent’s life.  Teenagers sometimes are trying to find their way in life and can be very opinionated and territorial.  Later on in life you might find your worst enemy could end up being your best friend.

Relationships are built on trust and equally you should be honest with your date and let them know you have kids.  It is best to let them wait a while before you let them meet your kids, they are dating you and should only be interested in you and not only interested in seeing your kids.

When you start talking to a lady or gentleman online it is best not to get too attached straight away. 

Dating with baggage

When someone comes with baggage it can be hard work however sometimes the harder the work the greater reward.  It takes a stronger person to stay and build a relationship with someone who has kids.
The strength and bond you will build up if you both combine as single families will last for years.

Have you or they got a baggage limit? 
How do you or they base your baggage limit?
Is it based on the age of kids?
Do you base if you date a woman on the number of kids she has?

Some people automatically walk away from relationships with someone who has baggage.  Even though I come with baggage and my partner did when we meet.  At my age if it was looking for another relationship at my age I would not consider taking on someone with baggage. 

You have to consider your age, lifestyle and temperament when dating a single parent. 
There are times when you really be tested and to the limit however it can be fun when your family grows and your extended family grows.

Dating with Children

If you're a single parent in a relationship that you want to make a permanent one, you might be thinking how to introduce your children to your new partner.  Will your children resent and try to reject the person who you are introducing into yours and their life?

How long have you actually got to know your new partner?  Do you argue have disagreements with your new partner even before you have introduced them to your family?

Your date might be a fun social person who likes a bit of a drink however he or she might be immature and not very supportive to you and your family.

How committed is your new partner to your relationship?

No matter what they say there is no need to leave your new partner with your kids.  They were important to you before you meet him or her and they are just as important to you if the relation flourish or diminishes.

How does your new partner react to stressful situations?  Would your partner fly of the handle and not listen to others points of view if they cannot get their own way?

How much do you trust him in and out of your own company?  Has he or she have family contact or friends?  People may have dropped them because of the way they are.  If you meet his family or friends you may find out what this new person in your life is really like.

How do your friends react around him or her? They might know more about this new persons personality than you do.

If they have children themselves how are they around them?

Dating after divorce when you have children

When you are divorced and you have kids about it is difficult to find time to find other compatible singles.

Millions of people are looking online for new relationships and there are other singles on the Internet some with kids and some with out who are looking for single parents to form relationships with.  It is a lot easier if you keep your children informed on what and who is involved in your life. 

Get to know the person online and offline well before you introduce them to your family.  Do not move them in straight away.  Unfortunately some people find the prospect of moving in with a family a good thing for the wrong reason.  They may have money problems, they might be looking for a lonely single parent to move in so that they can take control in the house.

You might have a son or daughter who feels they are the head of household, when you introduce someone new there could be a battle in the house.

After a period of time the two opposites who rub each other up the wrong way could eventually become friends. 

After a period of time your new partner and your kids might to get to know each other better and build up a bond of trust.  Someone who they can discuss things with.

The parent has to sometimes look at both sides, it is possible their child or children could be in the wrong, they might be testing your strength the strength of the relationship.

A single parent has to have quality time to themselves with or without a partner.  Their children need a sense of routine.  Even if it just to sit down and read a book you need quality time.  Children will always find ways round this by making up excuses to disrupt the time you have to yourself.

When you have time to yourself you could join a dating site and look online for possible suitors.  It is advisable to sign up for a site, which monitors for scammers, on our site you can carry out a postcode search.  You of course might not want to stay in the same area you might want to move away from the place you currently live to escape the bad memories of the past.

It is important to take the issues of you’re past relationship and the reason your relationship failed in the past before you move onto the next one.  It is important to do this for you and your family.


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