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Dating finding true love and happiness

It is easy to look at others and think their lives are ideal.  This is because some people are very private.  You might think things are honky dory however all is not all that it seems.

Being in love sometimes seems like an ideal fantasy to lots of us.
To be truly happy you need to be happy on the outside and then people will become more attracted to you and you will become happier on the inside.

Happiness means different things to different people.  Some people will never find happiness or fulfillment because they have set their expectations too high in life.

Some people pack too much into life and never focus on one objective, they move onto the next thing too quickly.  They never perfect a skill in one particular area.

Love is not all about money it is about the time you spend together and supporting each other, building up a bond and trust.

You have got to both be physically and mentally attracted to each other and have a desire to be together.  It is important you both have the same values and interests in life.

If things do not work out you have got to move on.  It is not worth wasting years with the wrong person because you have not got the heart to let them go.  Remember there is always plenty of more fish in the sea.

Sometimes the perfection you are striving for is not always achievable; this is down to your level of acceptance of situations.  You might not be looking in the right areas or for the right person.

Sometimes we look for perfection however we are far from perfect ourselves.  We need to improve ourselves to make ourselves more attractive to others and cut out the opposition.

Sometimes if we are a diagnosed with a serious physical or mental condition we reassess life.  We think about what is truly important.  Possibly we should carry out an assessment of our life before we have a situation which comes along in life.

Are you really ready to start a new relationship?  You might be reading this article because you have split up with someone.  Did you and your partner have issues in your relationship and you have both not addressed them and now you are thinking about moving onto the next relationship?

Do you fake happiness for the sake of others?

Life is short, days turn to weeks, weeks turn into months and months turn into years.

You can either wallow in your unhappiness and suffer or change the situation for the good.

If you are not happy in your job or relationship discuss it with who can change the situation, there could be a relation of your partner who is making your life unbearable.  If you have not got a willing recipient of your view and they are not listening or fobbing you off, make the choice are they right? have they tried to help you? Could you change retrain?  Have you got an unreasonable request?

Faking happiness is emotionally tiring.  Eventually you will crack make sure you do not leave it too long so that it gets to point you eventually explode.  If you are really happy people will spot it and enjoy your company more and you will not come over as being false.

It has been proven most women have difficulty sustaining faking happiness.

Dating can money by you love and happiness?

Can money buy love?

Choosing the right person plays an important role in a relationship.

Can money buy happiness and love? It is the fuel of love, but is excellent kindling. 

You need to love yourself:  Socrates quoted,  by means of beauty all beautiful things become beautiful.

While money doesn't buy love, it puts you in a great bargaining position.

Choosing the right person plays an important role in a relationship.  You do not want to be ripped off or made to look a fool.  You do not want to be put in the position of as being referred to as the poor little thing do you.  Or he can sort it he’s loaded.

Don't let her demand you to pay or buy her stuff.  Only spend what you want, you earn't it, how long have you known her?

Who pays when you go out dating?  It all depends upon the relationship and what you are doing, in these days of equality, if the lady wants to treat you why not.  However have a bit of pride and do not expect it all the time.  Do not let it be a source of arguments later on.  Men should really pay on the first date.

When people start asking about money it is not a good thing, how much did this and that cost.  Should this sort of conversation go on dates?  No.

If someone is living with their parents it is not always a sign they have not got money.  It might be a sign they love the security of living under the folds of their mother’s apron.

Women are sometimes attracted to men with money because it a sign of power. 

Do not give financial reward for love.  Do not give out financial information.  If a relationship seems all about money let your head rule your heart.

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