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Find Love Once Again In Your Later Years

It is never too late to fall in love again no matter what your age is.  If you have been recently divorced or separated from your partner it is not too late. 

It can be difficult getting back into the dating game after a love one has passed away due to the guilt and loss you may feel.  How would your partner who you thought was going to be with you when you get older feel thinking you are sat at home alone and not socializing with others.

Life is too short to spend it alone.  It can be very worrying the thought of going through the different stages of getting to know someone physically as well as mentally.  Remember they are in the same boat.  They probably feel the same way and have the same apprehensions and anxieties.

You have to sit back and reassess yourself see what you can change for the better and how you can make yourself more attractive to the opposite sex.  It might involve making a few changes like changing your wardrobe.  Getting a new hair cut “if you are more fortunate than me to have some”.
If you are a veggie or dog lover why not find someone who has similar interests.

Do not go on your first date with someone where the situation could be where you have to spend a lot of time with them.  Why not just meet them up for coffee.  Go for a quick drink.  If you have to make a swift exit it is then not so bad.

You have to have the willingness to understand people, you might be going on a date with someone who has been single for a number of years and has not been in a relationship for a number of years and they might not be willing to change some of their ways.

When you meet a senior date for the first time you need to understand you have aged as well you might hold your stomach in when you look in the mirror however could you keep this up or day?  You might or might not be fortunate because you might not have many laughter lines from when you were married or where you just miserable.

It is important to remember there is always people willing to take advantage lonely vulnerable people and so it is always wise to have your wits about you and not fall in love straight away.  Take your time and do not let people take advantage of you.

Overcoming Being Single And Lonely

Everyone suffers loneliness sometime in our lives, we might feel lonely even though we have people around us.  We might even be in a relationship and feel lonely.

If you are in a relationship and you feel lonely it is important to discuss it with him or her.  Look at how you both can spend more time together.  There is no point in working all the hours god sends to then split up with your husband or wife and have to split the lot and have to start all over again.  No career is worth losing your relationship over.  We are just cogs in a wheel in any business when the cog breaks the business replaces it.
Lots of older become lonely, it has been statically been proven in certain age groups there are more lonely people living in isolation.  You have got your kids of your hands.  Your children have become older and flown the nest, you find eventually they do not need you so much.  You know how it is you phone your kids up and their mobiles are off because they are too busy to talk to you.  They have not got time to see you because they are out doing this and that or they are just popping out.  They chased you when they were younger and now you are chasing them. 

It is important to interact with friends and relatives on Facebook and other social media platforms.  You can keep abreast of your children’s activities and send them messages asking when it is suitable to meet up with them.  If you have not got a lot of money take your grand children out to feed the ducks, walk in the park or just get down on the floor and play with them.  Come down to their level.

Are you putting up barriers and because of this you cannot have close intimacy and show your feeling to the ones closest to you?  If you tell those closest to you how you feel and show vulnerability and weakness.  If people get too close you could get hurt if they let you down.  You might not feel worthy of someone’s love because you do not feel good enough due to some physical disability. 

It is only your own acceptance that there is people out there worse than yourself, realizing you can trust someone else after a period of time you realize you can fully become bonded to someone else.

There are times when our hormones change during our teenage years and later on in life we become mixed up emotionally, it is important to make others aware around us of we are going through without boring them as well.  Some medication can affect your hormones and moods it is important to understand what affects the medication is having, read the leaflets and understand the positive benefits the medication prescribed will have on your life also and not just the negatives.

Some older people find it harder to show emotions and cuddle, it is never too late to change.  Start off with a smile and try giving someone affection who is close to you, it is possible they might open up to you.

When we become older it is possible to become institutionalized in our own home.  It is important to get out of the house.  Our houses can become our prisons, why not go for a walk or get the bike out?  Both inexpensive activities.  They will both increase your endomorphines and make you feel better in yourself.  Not only that the opposite sex might find you more attractive.

It is important to keep in contact with people, why not join a social group.  You could join a dating website.  Some people join dating websites to find friendship and companionship.  You can chat to people online on most dating sites. 

The more outside interests you have the more you will have to talk about and the more interesting you will sound to others.  If you are not all that mobile join the local library and learn about current affairs, you learn a new hobby.

Remember when you are in a relationship you have less time and less opportunity to expand your life choices and so if you are alone make the most of the time and do not sit at home feeling lonely.  Feel your time and thoughts with positive things and people.  Negativity never got anyone anywhere.  You only remember the things you did do and not the things you did do. 

Sometimes we have got to swallow deep and go ahead and do things in life and have a bit of adventure and excitement.  Smile and the world smiles with you.  Cry and you cry alone.

Make yourself approachable and be pleased to see people, welcome them when they meet you.  Show them you care.  This sounds obvious however some people sadly lack this simple but basic part of communicating with others.  This extends to everyone close to us in our lives friends, parents, grandparents, children, grandchildren and partners show them and tell them you care.

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