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How To Ask A Girl Out On A Date

OK you have been chatting and communicating by e-mail for a while.  You feel nervous about taking things to the next stage and actually meeting up with her.
Most men feel the same, they ask the same question.  The sad thing is fear stops us from doing certain things in life.  We miss out on opportunities on things that could improve our lives for the better.  Sometimes however we have just got to bite the bullet and go ahead and do it anyway. 

You have got to ask her out.  If you get rejected you had a go.  If you are successful this could be the start of something that is life changing.

If she needs a little bit of help you could be her knight in shining amour.

Do not use some corny chat up line or way of asking her out.  She might think is this what the whole date is going to be like.  It is essential you are confident.

Suggest doing something that you both enjoy and will both get fulfillment from.

Remember you are asking the lady out for the evening you are not asking her to marry you.  It is a compliment you are making by asking her out on a date.

Ask her if she would like to do something with you, for example if you like a particular band and know she does why not ask her if she would like to go to one of their concerts.

When you meet up with her she might do one of the following which are positive signs:
·                     How interested in you is she as a person?
·                     Is she interested in what you have to say?
·                     Does she sometimes get flirty for you?
·                     Does she fidget sometimes when she talks to you?
·                     Does she touch your arm or shoulder occasionally when you talk?
·                     It is a good sign if she finds you funny.

Email Dating Tips

Lots of singles struggle with writing emails they get despondent because they do not get many responses from their efforts.

Your email should be the thing that gets the person you are interested in to look at your profile.

Your email should be short but punchy and meaningful.  Read your dating profile out to yourself and email how does it sound grammatically.  If you were of the opposite sex would your profile email interest you?

If your email is too lengthy people might think you are a stalk, if you have strange things in your profile you stand even less chance of getting a date.

Most singles check out their potential suitors on social networking sites, make sure you do not have anything too strange on their to create a wrong impression.

Just think of it how many short emails can you send.  The more lengthy the email the more despondent you might get.  The better the shorter personalized email you send the more chance you will get of a possible response.

Try changing your subject line of your emails to see which keywords get the better responses.

Think about the person’s interests you are contacting.
Select two to four things you both have in common.

One paragraph should be good enough to introduce yourself and get them possibly interested.

Be careful on how you compliment him or her on their physical appearance.  You do not want to appear lecherous.

Have fun writing your emails, make sure you spell check them before you send them and read them a couple of times.  Good luck.

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