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Where to find love

On Your Future Dating we aim to find you the possible match possible, we understand people lead busy lives and have not got time to mess about going on dates with the wrong people who are totally incompatible. 

Our dating service and free to register matchmaking dating website caters for single in the UK. We also run a senior dating website for 
singles over the age of 40.

Your Future Dating is one of the largest professional matchmaking services in the country. We have over 10 million active genuine members all over the UK there is bond to be a special someone for everyone. Take a look by registering on our site for free, have fun and take a quick peek today. Make friends find other like minded people find happiness today!

Our site has one of the largest databases of singles in the UK. You can date other singles at your own as fast or slowly as you wish.

One of the most important steps to finding love is getting past the first date. Relationships only develop over a period of time once you have built the relationship built up on mutual understanding of each other’s needs, a mutual trust and bond.

Our customer care team provides around the clock support. Our entire customer support staff are located on site at our headquarters in the UK.

On our dating website we never share personal information. Unlike a lot of free websites we review all members profiles to ensure you remain safe.

Our site is inviting and fun to use. On our site we review and match people on their personality traits.

One important thing to remember is to never discuss politics or religion with someone you hardly know.

If you are passionate about a hobby, past time our matchmaking service will find you suitable match.

Your date could possibly be online now. We use the latest features on our site for find someone special who is suitable for you. It is important to have as much possible as we can about you to find someone who suits you. 

You can use our site to chat to and interact with other singles. Your Future Dating is a popular online website helping singles find friendship, love and romance. Start interacting instantly using email and chat. Get one step closer to finding your long-term relationship.

Dating Mistakes

Trying to change someone is a dreadful mistake.  You may think you have changed them however if they are lying cheating you might think your ploy has worked however when he or she has been good working extra hours they have been up to something else.

Do you jump to your dates every whim, you are always available?  There is no challenge for your date.  The do not have the need to try because you are always there.  You need to broaden your social circle of friends.  If he is too needy he might be insecure and become a bit of a stalker.

Drinking too much on a date to make it seem like it is going better and so that you have more fun.  When you drink too much you can become out of control and do things you regret the next day.  You might drink more also to make someone seem more attractive to what they actually are.  What a way to build a future!

Do not become Facebook friends with someone who you have been chatting with on a dating website.  You are putting yourself at risk.  If anyone else checks you out on Facebook they might think you are a bit of a player if you have more of the opposite sex friends.

Some people talk too much about their ex partners.  This can make you seem insecure.  You still care for them, you are making comparisons.

Do not fantasise about the future, you might have only been only going out for a short time and before you know it you have two kids, car, house.  This does not sound like a relationship this sounds like a financial burden, have some fun together.

It is important to not make your date feel as though you work for the police and you have them in for interrogation.  You keep asking them open questions, ones they need to respond to.  You know how it is when you have been in for a lengthy interview for a job and you take a deep breath as you walk away and you think do I want it after all of that.

Be honest about yourself, how would you like it if you went into a restraunt and ordered a meal and the wrong one come out.  You have waited so long.  You had image of how good it was going be however it just was not you wanted.

Do you pretend everything is OK when it is not (False) basically you are sacrificing your happiness for the sake of others.  We have to be a bit flexible however no one likes it when eventually someone erupts and spurts out what has been niggling him or her for so long.

If you heard a friend had married someone or got engaged just shortly after meeting someone you would think the were made in most circumstances.  When we are lonely and looking for love we can loose all reasoning and rush straight in.  If we think we can trust someone, some people will lend vast amounts of money to help this person out who they barely know.  There is the old saying, “a friend is a stranger is a friend I have not meet yet”.  Your date is still a stranger until you have known them for some time and really got to know them and their family and friends to find out what the ingredients are that make this person tick.  You might find they are like bomb ticking ready to go off.

Sometimes the truth hurts and when we really look inside out ourselves It can hurt.  There is nothing wrong with being lonely.  It is better to be lonely than to be emotionally and financially broken by a looser.  Take your time when dating someone.  A date is a date and not a relations or a free ticket for someone to take advantage of you.  Out of the two people in a relationship you are the most important one.

Things to do when you get divorced

After you divorce it is a good time to have a good think and reassess your future.

Have you ever fantasised about getting a flash motor bike or sports car however you were not allowed?  What is our point of view about this (I had some great fun racing around, it was great in the summer, I loved it).

When someone gets a divorce they think about a change of career (I spent twenty odd years in engineering, when I had a complete change my career to work in computers, I had to do this to look after my daughter.  I do not regret not working shifts or nights anymore or getting dirty).

Everyone needs to be their own person the above are only examples of what you can do.  It is important to yourself to grow as a person.  Love life and enjoy it.  I have moved on into another relationship and have been in it for the past 11 years.  It has been turbulent; this is not my partners fault.  She is remission from cancer.  When you go through something like this you realise how much you love them when they are close to death and at their lowest.  Do not be afraid to move on into a new relationship.

Have a bit of fun before you do and do not settle into a new relationship straight away.  It can be traumatic going through a divorce.  It is important to keep your sanity and think of your children keep their respect and hope that they can look at how you conducted your separation or divorce with dignity.  I am not saying I did not get upset nor did things right all of the time I am human.

There was a book which I read at the time called “never mind the fear go ahead and do it anyway” different times, people, environments and situations dictate what we can do in life and so we must conduct ourselves and live within the boundaries we have however we can change our lives once we are by ourselves.

I did come into contact with some ladies who painted all men the same.  This is a mistake.  We are all different, if you look in the same places you will find the same type of people sometimes because of their cultures and surroundings and sometimes narrow points of view in the area they live.

I do believe physical exercise is important at any age.  We are not made to sit in the chair.  It makes us feel better when our endorphins Increase and feel better when we look better and get positive comments from the opposite sex.  If you are older this can set you out from the crowd.  Most entrepreneurs exercise because it helps them relax and think.


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