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Advice for Dating Single Women

Dating can be both exciting and a little scary, let the single lady know a little bit about yourself, not too much, you do not want to let the lady know the whole story.

Eyes are the windows to the soul, make eye contact, do not stare constantly.  Make sure your eyes do not dart around the room looking at other ladies.

Smile and the world smiles with you.  It is infectious, a natural smile goes along way.

Lots of men class a single Mum as having baggage; If you have a date with a single Mum do not criticises or chastise her kids not unless you want to get out of there alive.  You might end up on the totally wrong footing.

Lots of ladies get to a certain age and they are looking for a ring on their finger, they might fall instantly for you.  If you have to let them down and let them go do it gently.  Do not let your date down by sending a text or e-mail, show them a little bit of respect.  You never know you might meet them in a couple of years’ time and you might be chasing them.

Be honest as well liars always get caught out. 

Be yourself, if your relationship goes onto the next stage you have got to be able to relax in each other’s company.

Lots of women can sense when something is not right or if you both do not have the right dating chemistry.  Chat about it, you might have some areas you might need deal with as regards your dating methods.

Get prepared for your date, if your date is an active person, why not go on a sporty date?  Have something to talk about on your date.

You need to make a woman feel needed, she needs to be made to feel she is attractive.   There does not always need to be a reason to by a lady flowers you can buy her a gift at any time during a relationship.  Remember cuddles are always free and most women want them and are willing to give them back.

You need to show you are confident strong.  Easy to get on with. 

Women do not like drunks.  You should not become slurred or incoherent.  It is bad manners for a man not to make sure his date gets home safely.

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