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Communication How To Keep Him Interested

A man needs to trust a woman before he discusses his true feelings, once the trust has gone you might of lost him forever.  Men like to share their feelings.  Men want to talk.  

Attraction is not always about looks sometimes people it is about mental stimulation.

Men as well as ladies like to be complimented, it does not matter what as long as it sounds sincere and honest. 

Do not keep going over your problems, sometimes you can be so involved in your own problems a man will seem like he is listening however he is just glazing over.

Men like positive confident women.  You do not only communicate verbally you also communicate in the way you dress the way you hold self in company and of course posture stance, body language.

A man might think you are really into him however if he notices you communicate with other men in the same way you might see him run a mile.

Relationships are never perfect, communication will break down the way to overcome this is to discuss, agree and come to agreement.  Outside factors sometimes come into play, even though they might not be present they get involved in the communication from afar, you must consider when listening to third parties have they got your interests at heart.

Sometimes men do not inform them of everything going on in their lives, this might be because they want to protect them, they do not want their lady to worry and get concerned.  If there is a break down in communication ask him what the matter is.

Do not talk about your ex partners or rabbit on about how awful he was.

Do not pretend you are something you are not to attract or keep a man.

You do not have to seem too easy, it can make a man have a different point of view about you to one that you might not want or set out to plant in his head.

Take time and care to build the relationship and trust, it will pay of dividends in the end.

It is important to keep the spark there when dating and communicating.

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