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Dating Attractive People

What makes someone attractive?

Everyone likes different attributes in person’s looks.  Some people like fat some like thin.  Humans like come in all different shapes sizes, nationalities.  How some one looks can change over the years, you might marry someone who is fat and then they decide to get fit and loose some weight.

We never hear someone say I meet this wonderful person they look so unhappy and miserable, they moan all the time talk about their ex partners.

Smiles are infections, so is politeness if you smile you become more attractive.

What you wear and how you wear it makes someone more attractive.   If you are look like you could do with a good wash and shave no one is going to be interested in you.  It shows lack of respect for yourself and if you have lack of respect for yourself then you do not care about others.

Lots of people take notice of shoes.  It is a bit of an old fashion thing, shoes should be darker than your trousers.  It looks terrible if someone has dark shoes and white socks.

If you are physically fit the opposite sex will be attractive to you.  The reason for this is because when someone is looking to procreate they will naturally want to find the best mate for their offspring.

Attractiveness can be attributed to by the shape of someone’s face.  You can always change this by wearing your hair different.  You can draw attention to certain areas with jeweler or make up.  If you are a male wear a salmon shirt (not pink) women will think you have a softer side.  Pay attention to the texture of fabrics, if someone is tactile they might be attracted to a jacket blouse or shirt because of its feel.

Dating Beer Goggles

The more alcohol we drink the more attractive we find the opposite sex.  This seems to affect men more than women.

Some people drink to give themselves confidence.  It is better if you can build up your confidence without drinking, the more meet people socially the more your confidence will grow.

The worst thing anyone can do who cannot hold their drink is to fire up their computer or laptop and then start chatting online especially on social media sites, dating sites, spurt out rubbish and then realise the next day.

Have you gone out on a date and thought the person you have been out with is a bit of a swamp donkey? 

Have you been in a relationship and to cope sometimes you have had the odd drink or two, three to cope?

You know where the door is get your skates on.

How Important Is Physical Attraction In A Relationship?

It is only natural we gauge people by how physically attractive someone is.  Someone who everyone else likes might not be suitable for you.

If someone is not attractive should you still pursue him or her?

If they do not physically attract you does it matter?  Or does it matter to you?  Beauty is not always on the inside.  Some people are physically attractive but ugly on the inside.  They are arrogant and self centered.

Some of the greatest comedians are not physically attractive however they do have the beautiful wife’s or girlfriends.

Sometimes as you get to know someone you will find them more physically attractive because you become more in tune with them.

You might be influenced on what beauty is because of how media is portraying beauty.

If you are not physically attracted to someone you never know your eyes might wonder, is this fair for the person you are with if in the long term your relationship does not work out?

There needs to be some type of chemistry between two people.

At the end of the day the only person who knows how important physical attraction is to you.  There are lots of factors to take into consideration when entering a relationship such as trust, integrity, honesty, reliability and many more.

As we get older our physical conditions and looks deteriorate, sometimes due to illness our looks might go.  Is the person your with so superficial they will let you go because you have an illness that you will or will not fully recover from and your physical looks have gone temporary or permanently.

It is important to remain as physically fit as possible, sometimes you see couples and they have a love of food, they are not doing themselves any favors physically or mentally, they will find it harder to get out of the chair and enjoy life.  If one person in the relationship gets bigger it could cause a rift in the relationship if the other person is still physically fit.  How much we eat is down to self-control most of the time.  Sometimes it is not if a person is on medication. 

I am not ugly or fat person having a rant, I am just being realistic about what you consider is important in relationships.

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