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Dealing with someone who cannot commit

The most important thing in any relationship is communication.  Talk about why your date does not want to commit.

It can create problems for you mentally if your partner does not want to commit, you may feel inadequate.  It could be due to your partner not feeling strong enough or lack of self-confidence he or she does not want to commit.

Forever is a long time for anyone.  How we are and how we are in years to come is a vision your date might have and your partner may not want to put you through the pain of some underlying reason that you may not know about.

Possibly your partner feels your relationship is just a bit of fun, some men say there are some women you have fun with and some you marry.

Some women now days are fully independent they do not want to settle down straight away.  They have other women who are also single and do not want to commit, they earn good money; have nice cars and their own houses.  Gone are the days from years ago where women lived with Mothers and Fathers into the late 20s.

Your partner may see you more of a friend as opposed to a long-term partner one who they would like to has children with and take on long term financial commitments.

How long have you been in the relationship?  If it is only a short time you might be rushing into things a bit too quick.  You might be insecure because of failed relationships or the loss of a close one.

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