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Do Your Parents Influence Your Dating?

Your past influences your future.  We learn from what we know.  We pick up accents and mannerisms from people around us.  The way people communicate with us and others we learn from them.  If some talks in short bursts, talk fast, pitch and tone influences how we talk in business and to our partners and children.

If your mother of father is none confrontational, they do not want to put their point of view over, they might take to walking out of the house, going to the bedroom.  You might be the same later on in life, you might walk away from relationships.

If you come from a broken home this could influence you and the people you bring home, if one of your parents could not settle into a relationship because they could not trust people or someone again you might be the same and only settling for short unfullfilling relationships.  You might even date losers because you do not want to get too close to them.

Do you date people who would suit your parent’s criteria?  Do they nag you to settle down with someone?  Why should you settle down just to provide grandchildren?

You may even not want to take someone home because your parents will not approve of him or her.  Your new partner might have been married before; one of your parents might be racist.  They might think he or she is too old. 

At the end of the day you are going to spend the most time with this new person in your life you have to make your own decisions, to a certain degree it is very disrespectful because they do trust your judgement.

They might be thinking they are acting in your interests, it is up to you to discuss it with them, and after all they might be right.  However you are an adult and it is up to make your own decision and act upon it.

What do you think?

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