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How do you get a man to fall in love with you? - Dating Advice

If you want to keep a man interested you need to be independent, they will respect you and stay interested longer.

Don’t lay all your cards on the table at once only divulge information slowly build up trust.

Do not offload all of your personal emotions especially about your ex all at once.

Have your own hobbies interests and friends.  Give him some space, your man needs space to breathe.  Men do not like clingy women.  Invite him to do something different with you.  Compliment him.

Play hard to get but just enough to keep him interested.  Be a little bit flirtatious. 

If you love him tell him but not too often.

Watch what you eat and your body functions, you do not want to blow him away by farting or put him off by belching because you have drunk so much fizzy drink.

Do not drink like a fish, you could end up getting totally embarrassed make the wrong impression, you might not want to go on a second date and he might not want to take you.

Talk about something you do that is special and unique that you, he or both of you are interested in.

Learn to be good friends.  Lots of times friends can become lovers as well as friends.  Listen carefully and respect his opinions without being too judgmental.

Keeping active maintains your fitness gives you outside interests and also keeps him interests; it also keeps you in a good mood.

Sometimes you have to except it is your fault; you have to remember there was something that attracted you to him some things might have made him change that are out of his control.  Have some forgiveness.  Do not focus on negativity.

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