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How to get the most of online dating

Everyone wants a fast track way of doing things.  They want a straight forward quick answer.

Anything worth doing well and to be a success involves work, your involvement, you need to be proactive and communicate with others.  You need to sell yourself and make yourself a desirable commodity.  It sounds harsh but everyone looks at things in the term of value.  What will I get out of this relationship?  Is it going to work out for me? 

Dating is not down to your needs only you need to listen and hear the other person.  Give a good answer back and be understanding.  It takes learning social skills.  Letting your sensible side overcome your emotions for example if you have girlfriend or boyfriend who has children and their ex comes to pick up the kids you need to overcome you feeling of jealousy and anger for the sake of the children and your partner.  You might be right, they might be an idiot and if your suspicions are correct your partner and children will find out in the long run.  If you are new in the relationship it is possibly you could end up being in the wrong.

It is important to fill in your dating profile and get it right, ask for someone’s advice such as a fried to help your dating profile.  You need to get this right to attract the opposite sex.
You need to be positive about your hopes and aspirations to find a lifelong partner.  People are attracted to confidence.  They shy away from people who are miserable and hold thoughts of negativity.
Ask a friend for advice with sending e-mails to potential dates.   You could make this a bit of fun and invite a friend around and have a bit of a laugh sending out a few flirty e-mails until you are happy with what you are doing and then once you have found your feet you can then see which e-mails get the most responses and work from their with a template that works for you. 

 It is essential you have something that suits you and your personality and the way you think.  If your communications are totally from a friend you could meet up with another single who is looking for something you are not.

It is important to always be polite and courteous.  If someone is not what you are looking for let them down gently.  There is no need to be rude.  Treat someone the way you would expect to be treated.  Someone’s weakness might be due to a traumatic experience or something else you are not aware of and it would be wrong to put them down harshly.

It is important to build up a relationship with people and get to know them and so you need to email them send winks and chat to them via video.  The way people seem and how they describe themselves Is a vast contrast to when you get know them and so be ready for some dating disappointments, equally some people can really sell themselves and some cannot and so you might meet someone who the rest of the single crowd is overlooking.

If you sound desperate you will attract either the wrong sort of person or none at all.  You might attract someone who is after just a quick physical fix or someone who is after your money.  No one wants to be pestered by someone.

If you go on a date and it does not work than just dust yourself off and go on another date.  As the saying goes there are plenty of more fish in the sea.

It is far better to still be looking for a relationship compared to being with some sad loser who you eventually hate and so take your time and choose wisely.  It is easy to rush into a relationship and end up in a relationship for years or even decades with the wrong person.  You could be ending up trying to get out of an expensive mistake which can take its toll emotionally physically and financially.

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