Your new relationship is only a few clicks away.


How would you define true love?

Work out how you would define your ideal partner. Who would you look forward to meet in a crowded place such as a bar?

Be proactive.  Register on a dating website, spend time filling in your dating profile.  Think about whom you like to spend someone with as a life choice, someone that is intelligent, funny, someone who is caring, good looking, athletic.

Socialize with friends, work colleagues, relatives. 

Listen to your gut feeling you might have been hurt in the past; let yourself go once you have built up trust with your true love.

True love means being a solid independent individual.  However being a couple as well.  You feel emotionally complete.

Is true love a choice or feeling?  Love is when you care for someone.  You want them to be with you as much and as long as they can.  Some people do not realise this; they lose their true love and regret it later.

Respecting you partner and giving them enough space to breathe.   Wanting to do nice things with them.

If your gut reaction is to avoid a relationship with someone, follow what your instinct says.

Never rush into a relationship.  It can take more to get out and less to get in do not get carried away with the rush of passion and regret it later.

Trust is the foundation of every healthy relationship.  Ignorance is not.  Find out about your partner and get to know them.

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