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Is your date a control freak?

Do they like their routine and are not adaptable to change?  

Do they always insist you tag along with what they want to do? 

Do you have to fit in with their life?

Do they raise their voice and start throwing things around if they do not get their own way?
Perhaps they have been single for so long they are now stuck in a routine and cannot change.

They might possibly think they are a higher human being than everyone else, they are really pious and look down their nose at everyone.

Do they try to put you down?

You should be able to decide on things you are going together and not be lectured to, as a couple you should want to share things together and choose the directions you both take in life.

Do they sulk if they do not get what they want?

Do they want to take you away from your friends and family?

Do they want to know who you are with, what you are doing, who has phoned you?

Does he or she tell how to dress?

Does he or she criticize things you do?

Is he or she threatening?

Lots of these signs above are just the beginning, they will take things one step further and then apologize profusely and low and behold they will do it again, this is because they cannot control themselves and they have to control you.

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