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Make up or break up

If you need have issues in your relationship you need to deal with them.  In any relationship one of the most important things is communication.  

Even if you move onto a new relationship you need to tackle the problems which were in your old relationship to move on and try to stop the legacy from the previous relationship carrying on to the new relationship and having to start all over again.

Are you too quick to rush into a new relationship with the wrong person?  Have you got a problem with communication?

At the end of the day sometimes it is better to break up and stop the years of heartache. Sometimes you need to accept it is over and move on.  This is the best way to get over a break is to have a level of acceptance.

It may just be a matter of time before you eventually break up.  Sometimes if you love someone, you can have an argument, say things you shouldn’t and it feels as though your whole world is falling apart.  Tomorrow comes and you have cleared the air and you both feel a lot better for doing it.

If the trust is gone in a relationship is very difficult to get it back.  No matter what it is, if it is due to financial problems or infidelity?

Is it time to see if there is plenty of more fish in the sea?

Around this time of year of year lots of couples split up, the reason for this is people have been hibernating all year.  They decide when the weather gets better to look for a new partner to spend the summer with. 

They have suffered the long holiday period over Christmas together, suffered having the in-laws and their partners family around, some people see it as an opportunity to have a spring clean and start a new life.

Sometimes someone has a desire to be independent, they grow apart, and they have different lives. 

There are sometimes minor irritations between couples, the irritations grow and then one partner starts to nag and constantly criticise.

It is always important to be physically attracted to each other.  Men like to have an attractive woman on their arm, why oh why is it alright for a man to let himself go to pot (This sounds like an article written by a woman it is not, I believe in equality and self pride).

Lots of women earn their own money; this might have not been the case when a couple meet.  The man has become comfortable; he has not got to try. 

If you have an easy life once the kids are off your hands you might find you become board.  Couples should have date nights, why not dress up, meet up and pretend you have just met each other for the first time.

You might of not only grown physically apart you might of grown mentally apart.

You might be reading this and realise some of things that have gone in your life in your present relationship.  It might be time to address them.  It might be time to learn from them and move onto the next relationship.

How to break up with someone

It is never easy to break up with someone. 

Never break up with someone by sending them a text or e-mail.  It is awful just disappearing, popping out for a pint of milk and not coming back.

You should give your partner the chance to discuss why you want to break up with them.  You might want or need to listen to them.  They might have some valid argument and some of them might be valid.  You might think you have picked up gold however you have picked up silver the new person who you have meet might not be all that they seem to be.

Do not use the lame excuse of it is not you it is me, this is insulting.

If you are not happy in your relationship and you change your mind and decide to go back to your partner you might just be delaying the inevitable.  If you move in your life you need address the issues and your partners issues because you want to move forward in your life and so does your partner who you are splitting up with.

It can be awful breaking up with someone on his or her or your birthday or special occasion.

If you break up with someone and then move straight onto a new relationship you are devaluing the relationship you were in.  Also if you decide you made the wrong decision you cannot go back.

If he or she says can we remain friends they might try to win you back as well?

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