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Perfect First Date Ideas

It's always a good idea to make a good first impression.

Go to the Zoo, there is always plenty to talk about and see to keep the conversation going.

Visit a water park, why not take a picnic or have a barbecue?

Go to a comedy club. There is nothing like having a good laugh to win someone over.

Listen to a local band.

Make your own pizza, you will find out what your date likes to eat and how creative they are.

Feeling energetic? Go for a cycle ride.

Play a sport together.

Go walk your dogs.

What should I wear on a first date?

It is important to make a good impression on your first date.   Your nerves are bad enough when you are meeting someone for the first time, you have built the relationship over a period of time, you think it is going to go well, you do not want to ruin it by wearing the wrong attire.  Everyone makes instant judgement  What you are wearing will have massive impact on your first dates first impression of you.

Do dress for the occasion, if it is formal then where formal gear.  If it is casual then dress casual.  Dress cheap and he will think you are cheap.  Dress frumpy and they will think you are frumpy.  You have to have pride in yourself and love yourself and show it in the way you dress and carry yourself when you go out on the town with your date.

Show your romantic side and make sure you feel comfortable.

If you are a man dress in a way that she understands you take her seriously.  You need to make sure she is attracted to you.  Remember your taste is not everyone else’s taste, ask friends advice.

Make sure everything you wear fits perfectly not too big and not too small.  Do not have a new hairstyle.   Wear an outfit you have worn before once or twice to make sure you are happy with how you feel.

Things not to do on a first date, first date questions

It is one thing to get a first date however you want it to lead to another date.  You have to make sure you are fully prepared.  Dress for the occasion, set aside plenty of time to get to your date.

One of the best things you can wear on your date is a smile, look pleased to see your date.  Be cheerful, do not moan about what a nightmare time you had getting to the date.  If you are meeting a lady why not take flowers.
If you have information about your date why not do something that interests the both of you.

It is important to compliment your date, telling them they look nice will go a long way if they have put a lot of effort into their appearance, if you had a nice time why not tell them at the end of the night.

It is important to be polite and courteous, open the door for your lady.  If you are lady say thank you for a lovely time and sound appreciative. It is important not to be pushy or demanding.

Make sure you do not eat or drink anything, which will disagree with you.

Do not dress cheaply or tarty you could possibly loose his respect.

It is important not to moan nag, and mention about ex partners.  It could make you sound unstable.

If your date is not a smoker you might make them run a mile when you light up.

Mention your children however do not dwell on them.

Nothing could be more boring than someone going on about their hobby or passion if your date is not into the same interests.

If you do not want to lose their respect do not talk about sex.

It is too early to start taking photographs of your date.

Do not ask to borrow money.

Do not sleep with your date on the first date, there is more romance long term and respect if you make them wait.

Remember your next date will probably be more enjoyable and memorable.

Have you been turned down on your first date? 

Did you let the person down and made them feel down and worthless because you turned up late?

Did you drink too much and make an embarrassment of yourself?  It’s good to have fun however everyone has limits, you might have overstepped it.

Do you smoke, there is nothing more alluring than kissing someone who smells of an ashtray (Not).

Are you lonely or desperate, you might of made a nuisance of yourself.  There is nothing worse with someone who is too touchy feelly or over familiar.

Bad table manners, you might enjoy your food, do I want to see it as you talk with your mouth full?  Do you eat like you have been starved all day?  Do you take advantage of people’s generosity and order the best and most expensive things on the menu?

Are you constantly on your mobile phone chatting to the opposite sex, constantly tweeting or Facebooking?

If you sleep with someone on the first date there is no challenge, these relationships do not usually last, as yourself the question, how many times has this person done this before.

Do not talk about your ex.

If any of these sound familiar you might now know where you are going wrong or what you did wrong.  Share your story with us.

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