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Secrets Men Keep

Is your man telling you the odd porky pie?   Do you not fully trust him? Possibly you do not understand him or he does not understand you.

When you start dating a man he might keep some things from you. It might be he has hair covering his back, or some other deep-seated secret.  They might not be particular fit and be ashamed of their look when they get undressed.

You might be asking yourself.  Is he a player?  How many women has he slept with?  Is he still with someone?  Only after a period of time will you learn the truth.  It is important you protect yourself always.

Some men like looking at porn, looking at it very occasionally and admitting up to it is better than not admitting to it, some men are porn addicts.  They think women are like the porn actress’s and loose touch with reality.

Many Men will not admit that they enjoy cuddling.  Why not give him one and see if he does.

Heavy make-up is actually a turn off; your date wanted a date not a laugh.  He might not tell you how ridiculous you look.

If a man is not happy it might because he is not happy about something, it might be his work, money or something else going on in his life.

Heavy baggage is an immediate turn off.   Men do not like interfering in-laws.   Ladies who have unruly teenagers.

If you give him a cuddle it might weaken him, ask him what is wrong.

Men like women who like sex, women who are keen, confident; they do not like untrustworthy women.  I have heard men say there is women you sleep with and women you marry and some you would not take home to your mother.  Men will read you by the way you look and act.

Men like their own space, a space to grow, learn new things, go to the gym and chill out.  Men do not like it when they fit around their time and space and they still complain.  If you go on the computer when they are at work or out they are still not happy.

Women sometimes think men are personal heaters, they will sometimes get into bed and warm themselves on their partners (when we do not expect it) we do not like it.

If a woman says could we have a chat, men normally hear “I am feed up” men get ready for a verbal missile coming their way, possibly an emotional hammer coming their way.

Sometimes unfortunately men hide health problems from their wives to protect them.  When a man does this they might become distant from their wives, girlfriends.

Lots of men will not tell when they are stressed out.

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