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Signs your Partner, Husband, Wife is cheating

If your partner is cheating on you they normally have certain habits.  The classic is they are working more.  They become more aloof. 

They do not think they are going to get caught out, they think they are clever they think they have all angles covered.  We sometimes do not believe the person who we are closest to could do this to us.  We lie to ourselves.

Has your husband or wife all of a sudden got a new friend they work with?  Do they spend time on the phone or Internet and do not want you to see what has been going on?  They may delete all text messages and history on the computer. 

Has your partner acquired another mobile phone?  It is normally a pay phone so that you cannot see their phone bill.

Have you found your husband or wife, partner rushes down to get the post before you can pick it up?

Does your partner no longer care about things in your relationship has he or she becomes totally apathetic about things you do together?

Have you found you have both stopped going out on dates, she has not wanted to get physically close to you.  She is not so keen.  She has been too tired lately.  You both do not talk any more.

Has he or she changed their appearance, they have stopped consulting you in what they wear?  Instead in your company they dress down instead of up?

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