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Taking Your Time Dating Compared To Wasting Your Time

When you are looking for love it is not a race, it should be like a good wine or meal, and something to be enjoyed savored.  There is nothing better than later on in life looking back on your courtship.

It is important not to waste your time and take your time when looking for someone when you are back on the dating scene.  If you have been in or just split up with someone it is easy to be taken advantage of and go rushing into things on the rebound.

You need to get to know someone who you have just meet and get to know them well if you want your relationship to last with them.  If you get to know them you will know their character, if there is anything there that irritates you.  Any nasty habits.  Have they totally been honest with you?

If you rush into getting intimate with someone too soon you might find it is lust and not love.  Mentally or intellectually you both may not connect.

Relationships that start quickly can also end just a quickly.

Once things move on when you are steady dating you have found someone who you want to permanently be with, you feel comfortable in his or her company.  You have given up your choice to date others.

You might be thinking of having a family together, making a long-term commitment.  Getting engaged. 

People naturally will think of you both as a couple.

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