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Ways to Tell and Show Someone that You Love Them

Show your girlfriend or boyfriend you care by buying or giving them something to make them think of you or show them you care.

Why not arrange a nice picnic or meal.  You could go somewhere with nice views like a park, river, or park.  If you are going on foot why not take a bottle of wine.  Going to somewhere different makes it more of an occasion because you see things you have never seen before.  If you can choose something you both like to eat and easy on the hands and clothes so that you do not get into a mess and have beetroot stains one your clothes.

If you are a little bit more adventurous why not have a car driving experience.  You could try indoor skydiving, be aware you date might not be as adventurous or as tough as you think.  Some companies provide helicopter flights, they drop you off at a restaurant and then pick you up after.

If you have not got a lot of money why not go to a museum or art gallery.  If you are into art you could chat about your favorite artist, their history, what inspired them.  Most cities towns have really interesting museums like the natural history museum or science museum in London.

What about buying the person who is close to you a piece of jewelery such as a neck chain etc, every time they see it they will be reminded of you.

Every lady loves flowers and most like chocolates, find out first though if the like plain or dark.  Have they got an allergy to pollen?  The digital picture frames now you can pick up very cheaply online.

If you have got problems with saying how you feel, make a cake and put a little message on there.  Write them a note, send them a SMS message.

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