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Where and how to find love once again

We all want to believe that there is a perfect person out there for everyone. Sometimes people meet their ideal soul mate and it was wonderful while it lasted, but perhaps something happened to take that love away from your life.  As we go through life everyone want to find love, romance and companionship.

The truth is that love comes at the most unexpected moment.  Some time you can try hard to find love and then give up and then love comes just around the corner.

For some people life can be cruel, nothing happens unless you make it happen.  Sometimes it is down to perseverance and how much time you put into pursuing love.

I have read a marketing article and the person said to build up their brand they do not talk about their business being the best.  They talk about the qualities of their business and what they have to offer their customers.

The some goes with your dating profile, you have to prove and show you can loveand care for others and you have qualities that others are interested in.  Some people write their dating profile like it is CV.  You have to beware if you talk about your travels, people might think you are not going to stick around.  If you talk about money you might be perceived as avarice.

With online dating, you can take things slowly at your own pace, feel out the possibilities and find someone who suits you, get to know people, have fun.

Do not become too focused on finding someone and becoming entwined with the wrong person for the rest of your life, do not settle for second best there is always plenty of more fish in the sea.

Be optimistic and try to find you ideal match, there is nothing worse than spending time with someone who you cannot trust, who irritates you and is totally unreliable.

Dating is it Love or Infatuation?

Infatuation is the state of being completely carried away by un-reasoned passion or love, we do not listen to what people say about the person we are infatuated with.  Infatuation is extravagant or foolish love.  It is an infatuated person, quite commonly, it is someone who in over-valuing a person who they have fallen for.

Everyone wants to be desired and to desire someone.  Dating and infatuations is all part of the dating process, we have go to have that magnetic draw to want to be with someone.

The more we desire something is because we cannot have it sometimes.  It could be once we have obtained what we want once we have it then it is less desirable.  Until it is gone we want it back.  This can happen when someone goes through divorce, we sometimes ask ourselves could we of done things different?  Could we of made it work out?

A deep feeling of insecurity marks infatuation. You are excited and eager, but not genuinely happy within yourself.  If you are insecure or someone you have a relationship with they might rush in and ask you to marry them or move away from close family, friends, and acquaintances.

Write down how you feel and go back to it and see if you think you are infatuated?  Ask yourself questions about your relationship: How long have you been together?  What was your previous relationship like?  Have you issues from your previous relationship that you need to address before moving on with the relationship you are now in?

Love is all about being there for someone, caring for them.  Making time for each other and considering each overs feelings in good and bad times.  Building up trust over time.  Bonding together both mentally as physically, if the physical side of your relationship diminishes as you get older due to illness or ill health you still have something in common.

How the other half lives and loves

Singles who have money normally lead hectic life styles, you might think you have found the person of your dreams because they buy you lots of gifts and they have lots of money drive a flash car.

How wrong can you be the person you are seeing might be single because their previous relationships have failed because they are always too busy?  They are constantly on their phone talking to business associates, employees.

When they take you to a fancy place it is on the business tab.  The money is not coming out of their pocket it is the business.

Their previous partners have been his secretary or one of their work colleagues.

Sometimes the person does not have a balance between life and work.  They simply do not understand the opposite sex.  The novelty of having money spent on you will wear off and you will get bored.

We all have our different matches it is important to take things slowly and not rush into things, get to know the person and how they truly feel.  Do they really care more about money or you?

The person who you have been attracted to might sound fantastic, they are very eloquent, their dating profile sounds like a resume, this is because they view everyone as a prospect and opportunity.

If you lead the some life style and aspirations the relationship might work.  Give it time and find out.

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