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Women want an assertive man

Women like assertive men because they are confident and know what they are doing and where they are going.

Women like men who make plans.  They are decisive reliable and most of the time honest.

A man who is spontaneous and takes a lady out for surprise dates and holidays away he has planed before hand is valued by a woman.  They are seen as being romantic.  It shows he values her, he wants his partner to feel valued, enjoy life.  He has built up a picture in his head how she is going to react to this special surprise he has arranged.

A man who has morals should stand his ground long-term he is going to be respected by everyone around him.

There is a difference between being assertive and being a control freak.  Control freaks try to change their women (they think a woman is their woman and not an individual).  Control freaks can also try to take their girlfriends away from their family and friends.  They will try to control who their girlfriends see, what they wear, what they spend their money on.

An assertive man knows he has to hold the stick in the middle and not on the end.

To be strong and powerful does not mean you have to have control over others.

Relationships are built up on honesty.  Women rate this highly in their lists of what they want in a man.

Women like a man who is reliable, does not let them down.  They are there in their hour of need in the good times as well as the bad.

Women like men, who are faithful, they do not want to feel second best to no one else.  Who wants to sleep next to someone when they are thinking of someone else?

An assertive man knows how to work around things to get what he wants however he will not push his luck if it does not go his way he will move on and learn from where he went wrong.

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