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Dating when separated but not completely divorced

It can be dangerous when dating whilst separated.  What happens if your partner, husband or wife has left you for someone new?  You are suffering emotionally; the house seems so empty without him or her.  

It can be such a massive thing starting a new relationship your partner or husband or wife, might find out the new person in their life is not all they are cracked up to be.  They find out their nasty little habits.  The new person in their life might be a control freak.

Dating as a single parent
You might have been left with the kids!  Your partner has not only done the dirty on you they have done the dirty on your kids.  

Your kids are suffering a sense of loss as well.  They might be suffering nightmares about being left alone and also go through some changes in behavior.  

You need to show your children you love them and give them more cuddles.  Do not bad mouth your ex.  

It can be worse for someone to be nasty to you if you are always nice and it can be seen that you are the better person.  Your kids will have memories of how you behave and this will influence their adult life.

Get your financial affairs in order straight away.  Make sure your joint bank accounts are not raided so that you cannot feed you or your family.

Dealing with jealously
Do not parade your new partner if front of your ex and you should not do the same?  This is extremely hurtful.  It can be emotionally damaging to you and your children and ruin your reputation.
Sometimes you can drop gold and pickup silver be careful.
Protecting yourself
Sometimes people come packaged well however they are not always what they seem.  There is an awful lot of cheats, liars out there.

Think before you act losing someone to someone else is different to a bereavement, when you loss someone due to them passing away you know they are gone for ever.  

When you separate you might see your ex out on the town having fun or flirting with the opposite sex.

Long–term friends and family
Some friends will support you others will not.  You will be surprised who will be there and who will not.  Family support is a very important.  They can give you a sense of rational.

Beware of any snakes in the grass who might come out and bite you, watch what you say and who you say it to.

Dealing with your loss of your partner, husband or wife.
Sometimes you have to accept it is over.  Once you do life becomes easier.  Consider the life you had with your ex, was it really that good?

It is possible your ex grew at different rate to you or grew in a different direction.  It is possible they are not the person who you meet all those years ago.

How long have you been in the relationship?  Did you really know the person?  In the future should you get to know someone you meet and understand them more?

How are you as a person?
Some people are not receptive to other people’s needs; they do not consider how other people live, their stresses and strains.  Life has value; the amount of time you spend with someone who is a lost cause might drain your time bank.  You could get a better life and improve your happiness with someone else.
How is your time keeping?  

Did you let down your ex by turning up late?

Did you show your ex how you feel about them when you were with them?

Are you arrogant because of your own self-importance?

As people progress in relationships throughout the years they sometimes find it more comfortable to sit on separate sofa’s and not hold hands or cuddle like they did years ago.

Have you let yourself go, do you no longer were perfume or cologne?  

Have you put on little bit more weight lately or lost weight?

You need to consider how you are and how others perceive you as a person before you move onto your next relationship.  You might be heading for another disastrous relationship.
A reaction causes an action, think about what you do and how you do things.

Do outside influences have effect on your dating
Are you too busy or stressed in your career to see someone else?

Are your friends or family self-opinionated about your relationships with others, are they controlling? 

Possibly it is best not to tell people your business. 

It is important to have the support from others and tell people where you are going on a date from a safety aspect however you do not need to tell them everything if they interfere too much.

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