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Don't rush into Marriage

First of all get to know the person you want to be with.  You might want to marry them as soon as you can due to your own insecurities.  

It might feel like everyone I know is tying the knot?  You might think you are in love however you might be blinded by passion.  You might be rushing into marriage with someone who is not financial responsible or financially immature.

If someone loves you they will be willing to wait. Are you or the person who is asking to get married obsessed with having a fantasy wedding or being married?

If you are obsessed with getting married you might be scarring other people away.

You might want to move away from someone, something in your life.

Someone might be putting you under pressure to get married like relatives, relatives, parents and friends.

When you are comfortable in a relationship sometimes being together is enough. Whilst you are still young you can enjoy life such as going travelling and going out on the town together, having a nice home lifestyle.

It is very common for singles who are in their 20’s who have married to get divorced.  The couples grow older only to think they have not experienced life and sown a few wild oats.

Make sure you really know who you are marrying.  Make sure your own belief’s values in life are the same as your partners.

The person you are dating might want to rush into marriage because their ex husband or wife is getting married.

There are many women who take the decision of getting married simply because they hope that marriage would change things.  Well it does not.

The person who is asking to marry you might be completely genuine if this is the case they will be willing to wait.  Do not hurt them by saying no in the wrong way, one day the time might be right and you might be keener than them.

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