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How To Deal With Being Stood Up

You have been getting ready to meet this gorgeous lady or man you have been pursuing online, you have had your hair done chosen the best outfit for your date to fit the occasion. To make sure you have no awkward conversation pauses you have chosen a few things to say and to ask to keep the conversation going. You might have asked someone to look after the kids if you are a single parent. You have chosen a good location or prepared a meal or picnic and what happens, they stood you up.

It’s almost the worst feeling in the world next to heartbreak. It feels like you have been emotionally attacked. The best thing you can do is move on and do not chase the person who has let you down. Remain calm there might be genuine reason why they never turned up for your date or arrived late.

It is important not to worry about if you have been stood up. Do not be taken for granted. It is their loss and somebody else’s gain. You have probably done nothing wrong. If they have let you down now they would probably let you down later on in the relationship. 

Even if your date arrives late it is not a pleasant experience on which is too be avoided. Is your date or whoever is meant to be meeting you rude? Yes. Are they unfeeling and uncaring? Yes.

Lots of the time people think their time is more important than yours. They are more important than you. If you respect their point of view, carry on accepting them being late and taking advantage of you.

At the end of the day the person is probably a control freak who thinks they have the upper hand.

When you go on a date in future make sure you choose somewhere that suits both of you so that not go too far out of your way. You will then not be too disappointed if they do not turn up.

The dating game is not easy, you will go through lots of emotions finding adate and once when you have found one you will have other emotions as the relationship progresses. Life is a roller coaster, if it were smooth running we would not appreciate the real highs and lows.

Remember if you feel to angry or aggressive about being stood up possibly you should learn how to control your temper.

If he or she calls you to say "Not this weekend. Maybe next weekend. Some other time" they are stringing you along.

You might be too needy and scarred him or her off. Possibly it might be the case your partner or date might find you too emotionally or physically, mentally draining.

It is important to be the bigger person. Acknowledge them afterwards but make them feel awful by killing them with kindness and compassion.

Just think how lucky you were you did not get involved with them if and when you should meet them.

If they ask what happened say you meet up with friends and had a great time. No harm done.

Don’t over analyse what went wrong, it is not worth it move on with your life your relationship would not of worked out anyway. You will probably meet someone who is special someone who values and appreciates you.

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