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How to find love – What is holding you back?

We all want to find that someone special to curl up on the sofa with.  Someone to converse with when we come home from a hard days work.

Love is something we cannot force some to do it has to come naturally.  It takes time people need to get to know each other, build up trust understanding.  When someone has an affair and then when they try to mend the broken relationship it is possible however it can take a long time.

Understanding yourself and others
The person who you have meet online might have been hurt in the past might not be able to trust straight away.  Someone who does is older for example might be a bit more sceptical when entering the dating scene again after being in a long-term relationship when his or her partner has divorced them or passed away.

Your old fears could be holding you back from moving on today.  You could have an unconscious attachment to the past which is holding you back hurt or attachment to someone from the past.  You might even have feeling for you ex and you cannot let go

Words of encouragement or discouragement
How you describe yourself on your dating profile could be discouraging others from chatting with you.  You might have given yourself a strange nickname on a dating website.  You could of possibly had one dating profile picture which encourages other singles to read more and a then they see other photo’s of you out on the lash totally wasted (Not Good).

You have to love yourself so that others can love you.  If you have a bad body mental image of yourself you need to do something about it if you can.  If you are unfit or overweight if you can do something about improving your weight fitness do something about it.  Looks are not really important for building a lasting relationship. Some people age at different rates.  You meet someone who looks fit and healthy whilst they are still young however if they burn the candle at both ends they may age faster than you or visa versa.

There is specialist-dating websites if you have a disability; there is someone out there for everyone.  It is just a matter of knowing which path to take.

Feeling comfortable with yourself and making people feel comfortable around you
You never know if you relax and do not try so hard a relationship and love might come to you.  You might start to send out the right signals, the correct body language.  Have fun and start smiling and laughing again a natural smile on the face is more of welcoming than anything else you can do to attract others to you.

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