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How to stop dating someone?

When you are dating it is not a life time commitment in the early stages of the relationship however we are dealing with people and feeling, we should treat people fairly and correctly.

When you start dating you will meet lots of people who you will not be ideally matched to.

If you have only been seeing the person a short time you can always talk to them on the phone.  Tell the person there is someone out there for them and they will find someone suitable eventually.

If there is no dating chemistry what is the point in carrying on with date.

Be honest with them and do not use clich├ęs.

For someone to figure it out that the relationship is not working is lot harder on their emotions than you actually telling them later on when they ask you.

The simplest way is to communicate with them, be brave, take a deep breath before you meet them and then explain to them the reason why you are not happy and why you want to stop seeing them.  Explain to them In the long run it is better for you both if you stop seeing each other.

Let them down tactfully and respectfully.

Do not leading them on any more, it is only wasting both of your time.

Treat your date the way you would want to be treated.

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