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Make Sure You Will Not Be Unattractive By Accident

Taking your dating profile picture

If you use a flash on your camera it can make you look older.

Do not wear sunglasses or hats it looks like you are trying to hide something.

It is not good to take a dating profile picture holding your mobile at arm's length.  Take your photograph in good light.

Minor things in a photograph can become major in the eyes of the person viewing the photograph.  Your expression, the background will all influence the person’s perception of you and if you are suitable for a potential date.

Think about what you are wearing.  If you say you like going out and you have a glass in your hand you could be seen as being an alcoholic.

Make sure you look your best, polish your shoes, and have your hair cut, eat healthy and keep fit.  Choose your clothes wisely.

Comparing previous partners from previous relationships

Do not compare partners who you have been out with in the past or talk about them.

Things that influenced you in the past could influence you in the future, you have to assess your expectations and behaviors and possibly make changes so that you do not run into the some problems in the future.

You might not see yourself as other people see you.  Ask for a close friend’s opinion.

Do not mention or cover what you think is ugly, your date will find out and these features are a part of you.  Do not try to hide them.

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