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Talk Dating - Advice for a relationship

It is not only your mouth that does the talking.   When going on a date or trying to attract the opposite sex it best to know what sells to get and keep a man or woman interested.

We have different senses touch, smell, and visual, posture just to name a few.

We judge people without realizing it.  We judge people who have tattoos, the car they drive, the area they live.  Where they have been on holiday the way they dress.  Because we sometimes make assumptions they might actually be the wrong ones.  This could be because of the way we have been brought up.  People we work and who we come in contact with may influence our judgement.  You never know your thoughts might be setting you back and you might be missing the opportunity of having a great fun relationship with someone who you might not normally be attracted to. 

I can remember an article about Sean Connery he could make ladies blush because he could read what a lady was thinking because he knew the art of body language through observation.  He has a certain charisma, which comes from understanding people and delivering what they want.

You have to improve you listening skills, the person you are talking to might seem boring to you however it is like the TV if it is not tuned into the correct channel it is boring.  Possibly you have got to get the right conversation out of that person.

Remember your facial expressions can give a lot away.  The tone of voice, some people associate from past experiences, if someone has had a violent aggressive relationship the way they read sharp movements or raised voices might be interrupted differently to the next person.

We are all programmed by past experiences no matter how nice or bad they are, this could put you in a vulnerable situation because if you trust the people around you it could possibly be the case you trust someone who comes into your life for the first time.  This is why many widows on dating websites have been taken advantage of.

You can use body language to your best advantage: If you stand facing the person, if you want the person to be attracted to you the clothing you wear is important.  If a male wears a pink or salmon shirt ladies might be more attracted to you.  When I run a limousine service I found this tactic worked well to gain the trust of people, I would wear a jacket and coat to make myself look bigger for stag parties, just incase there was any trouble.  For hen parties I would wear a salmon shirt to gain the trust of the hen party members, wearing a white shirt and red tie attracts the persons eye to your face this is a good ploy for interviews.  If you wear clothing of a particular material this can make someone want to touch the material. 

If you make eye contact the person this is of utmost importance.  Giving little sideline glances can be particularly attractive when they come from women.  When a lady plays with her hair it can mean she is more attracted to the male she is with. 

You must stand upright and walk confidently, teenagers can sometimes walk with a swagger. 

Even though you might not feel confident before you meet the person have a deep breath before you meet up with them.

Make sure you wear nice perfume or aftershave, do not knock them dead with smell as soon as you meet them though.  Feelings nervous, feeling anxious do not drink and stink of stale coffee and cigarettes when you meet them.  If you must have a smoke do it outside, the smoke will then be dispersed and will not linger on your clothes so much.  Take some gum with you and get rid of it before you meet your date.

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