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Tips to online dating - Stand out from the single crowd

Online dating can be very scary if you are just starting out.  When browsing on a dating site, if you’re reading the online dating profile you’re no longer looking at the not so important things like age, and occupation.

Everyone is attracted to confident funny people. 

Remember it is important to fully fill in your dating profile.  It can is important to do this because dating websites filter dating profiles based on the information provided.  Some sites have niche sites and your profile might even be filtered onto one of them.

Your photograph is your calling card.  The first thing people look at is your dating profile picture.  Make the most of it.  You do not want to be overlooked. 

You have probably seen one those photographs where they are poorly light.  If you have taken the photograph with the mobile or camera at arms length. 

People stand near their cars like they are status symbols, they might have a big car, fast car, flash car, and they might have it on HP and a big debt around hanging around their neck. 

Eyes are the windows to the soul, why cover them with sunglasses.  Some people have had their photos taken with caps and sunglasses, who is there? 

If you have been to the Gym and got all pumped up you might frighten women off. 

Try to make yourself look like a fun person.  Have fun taking the photograph.

You have got to make yourself stand out from the crowd, sometimes by listing things you do not like you might discourage others who would otherwise be interested in you.  Remember sometimes opposites attract. 

People like to know what you actually mean, you have got to be clear and concise in your conversations and description of yourself. It pays to make an effort to write clearly and correctly.

If you go on about how great you are people are going to think why hasn’t anyone else taken an interest in you.  They might think you are arrogant, cocky and too full of yourself.

Look out for the latest members who have signed up, as they say the early bird always gets the worm.

Always look out for the newest members of the opposite sex who have signed up and make it your business to look everyday.

There is nothing wrong with putting on your dating profile if you like long country walks going on holiday or travelling.

Do not waste you time with people who do not interest you.  Why waste the time effort.

Remember your friend family might find you funny however others might not. 

Do not be sexual or suggestive.  This will scare people off.  It cheapens you.

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