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You and Yours dating - What are weaknesses?

You and Yours Dating - A lot of us fall in love with a person’s weakness. It is something some people feel attracted to, these characteristics are sometimes seen as weakness however they are not.

It is important to everyone no matter who they are to find love, romance, have a social circle of friends, close relationships and companionship.

My partner is kind and caring, is she soft and week? No see is she is very strong in character. She is just loving person. A branch can flex in the wind however it might not be easy to break!

You cannot make someone love you. You can try to win them over. It is sometimes like trying to push a rock it might wobble, you will not move it.

Invisible signals are part of what makes people fall in love. There are lots of reasons for why we fall in love are because of little signals, pheromones. When we only truly get to know someone do we get to know they are weaknesses this is why some people do not let people get close to them?

We would recommend looking for one who shares your own outlook in life. There is the old saying when the heart is broken it grows back stronger.

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