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Dating tips for Women

Carry out a search on our senior blog and you will find the answer to some of your dating questions,see below for some of our favorite articles:

1.  Women like assertive men because they are confident and know what they are doing and where they are going.

Women like men who make plans.  They are decisive reliable and most of the time honest.

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2.  Senior Your Future Dating is an online dating, romance and friendship website for people over the age of 40, 50 and 60.

If you’re over the age of 40 but don’t feel it, then Senior Your Future Dating is the website for you! Lots of senior singles have already been down the aisle and do not want to give up being single. Lots of older people have hobbies, interests and do not want to give them up, they have built up their own independence.

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3.  Dating can be both exciting and a little scary, let the single lady know a little bit about yourself, not too much, you do not want to let the lady know the whole story.

Eyes are the windows to the soul, make eye contact, do not stare constantly.  Make sure your eyes do not dart around the room looking at other ladies.

4.  If you want to keep a man interested you need to be independent, they will respect you and stay interested longer.

Don’t lay all your cards on the table at once only divulge information slowly build up trust.

Do not offload all of your personal emotions especially about your ex all at once.

5.  Some men like playing mind games! You might be in a relationship with a man who is starting to pull away from you and you don’t know how to react when he pulls away. Or maybe you have started dating a guy and things were great in the beginning when you first started dating.  You are feeling that he is pulling away from you, and you are not sure why he is starting to pull away and how to change things for the better.

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6.  Is your man telling you the odd porky pie?   Do you not fully trust him? Possibly you do not understand him or he does not understand you.

7.  A man needs to trust a woman before he discusses his true feelings, once the trust has gone you might of lost him forever.  Men like to share their feelings.  Men want to talk.  

Attraction is not always about looks sometimes people it is about mental stimulation.

Men as well as ladies like to be complimented, it does not matter what as long as it sounds sincere and honest. 

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