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Dating a widower

You might be thinking of dating a widower, you need to be aware that for them losing someone due to them passing away is a lot different to losing someone due to a breakup.

Someone who loses someone due to a breakup might feel unsecure, a bit of a failure, they might be missing their kids or have to fight to get custody of their children.
A widower might feel guilty about enjoying themselves.  They might have nursed their husband or wife through a long and difficult illness.  They might of lost the lost the person closest to them suddenly in an accident and so they might feel insecure.  They might feel as though they should have said how they felt about their husband or wife for example they might not have told them they loved them.

Should you move in and ask the person who you have meet to take down photographs of their past.  I think this is wrong.  What you like about the persons character has been developed from their past experiences.  They might of spent a lot of time looking after their partner and so that affection might well be passed onto you.  You might find your date more tactile.

It is important your date has had time to recover from their loss.  They might think they are ready to start dating again however they might need time to adjust to being by themselves or with someone else.
If your date has been nursing someone whilst they have suffering from Cancer or Alzheimer’s or some other disease or illness then they need to be treated with care and respect because they have been through so much.  They have been very brave and had to face challenges that you hopefully will never need to.

The person you are dating might have seen their love one give up hope and not want to carry on.  To cope with this your date might be a lot strong in some respects than some people and weaker in others.
Your date might want to enjoy life a lot more than other single people; this is because they appreciate life is short and for the living.

Your date might not want to commit to you because of their insecurities.  It is important you understand this and respect their wishes; they might have deep feelings for you however they might not want to show them.

It is true the person who you have meet who is a widower can find love again, it is important they do not hide you from their friends or family because they feel guilty about moving on.  People do not understand how or what it is like to lose someone close to them and so they should be more considerate and be excused for their ignorance.

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