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How can I stop becoming jealous?

You do not want to stop your boyfriend or girlfriend from becoming sick of you of becoming so jealous.  You need to overcome your fears.

Are you correct in feeling insecure, have you got suspicions your date is lying to you or playing around?

Do you find sometimes your partner is unavailable?  Their phone is always off.  He or she might actually be acting responsibly if he or she is driving or in work in a meeting.  It might be very annoying for him or her if you are phoning them 20 times a day.

Sometimes jealousy is all about self-control, you need to understand why you feel so jealous and
insecure, is it because you have been let down before in the past by an unfaithful partner.  Not everyone is unfaithful; lots of people have integrity and self-control however some women are attracted to bad boys.

You need to build up your own self-esteem and confidence.  If you think you look unattractive why not do something about it, change your hair style or colour, and buy some new clothes.  Take up a new hobby.  Hang out with people who have positive attitude.  Go to the Gym try and get fit.

Some people compare themselves to others too much.  Your views about how you compare yourself to others might be totally unfounded.  You probably do not know your partners ex’s character or life and so you should stop making comparisons.

You have an advantage over others if you have had some unlucky breaks in life because you have learnt how to cope with your unlucky breaks and you have become stronger even though you might not feel that strong it is something you should feel proud of because you have survived.

We all achieve things in life however sometimes we under sell ourselves especially when we are down and lose confidence in ourselves.  If you speak to your family or friends they will boost your confidence and tell you things they admire about you.

Success has many fathers failure is an orphan.  Successful people try over and over again until they hit the bull’s eye and have success you need to keep trying.  You only fail when you stop trying and give up.

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