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How do you stop dating a person who is lovely person, without hurting them too much?

You need to be prepared.  A coward would walk away however you are better than that because you are asking the question ‘how to let the go without hurting them too much’.

  • Sending a text is an awful way of letting someone go.
  • You need to have something positive to say to them.
  • Do not rub there arm or give them a hug because if they are deeply in love with you there is chance you could see them in a pile on the floor crying.
  • Respect their dignity let them down kindly.
  • Listen to your heart, let them know how you feel and do it in a kind way.
  • It is terrible when people do the ‘it is not you it is me’ it does not sound honest and trueful.
  • It is awful to just completely break all contact and have the person you were dating wondering what went wrong.
  • If you break up with someone in a public place you could end up looking like the one in the wrong if the person you are breaking up with starts screaming and shouting.

If you have made your mind to break up with someone then stick to your plan and be strong and go ahead and do it.  If you have tried talking to the person and there is no reasoning no bond or relationship between you both it is the time to end your relationship.

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