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How to break up with your boyfriend

When you have been in a relationship with someone for any amount of time you build up a bond with them.  You need to be positive in your attitude and know this is the right choice for you and there is no going back.

We sometimes remember the latest events in our life and forget other times of relevance significance.  Possibly your relationship is worth saving if you spend a bit of time together and try having a date night together before you throw in the towel.

Have you discussed where you are going wrong in your relationship?  Give him time after you have discussed where the relationship is going wrong to see if he changes for the better.  Have you discussed having a bit of a break?  There must have been something that first attracted you to him.
It is important to choose the right time and situation.  Make sure neither of you are stressed you have time to yourselves and so that no one interrupts you.

Do not be a coward; it is heartless to end a relationship by e-mail or text. 

You need to be honest with him.  Do not come out with the old one it is me and not you. 

Give him the reasons why you are breaking up with him.  If you do not he might carry on his failings into a new relationship.  You might get feedback from him.  This could be beneficial for you as well.
If you give him any hope he might stalk you or threaten to do something silly and so it is important to be strong and stick to your decision.

Your time is precious if you are not in the right relationship and your current relationship is all consuming and painful sometimes it is better to move on.

Sometimes when we put of splitting up with someone it is because of our own confidence issues.  It is possible you might be thinking that there is no one out there for you.  You will be surprised at the amount of people out there looking for a relationship, before you do look for a relationship give yourself a bit of a break, you need to address the previous issues from the relationship you have just come from.

When it is over it is over for good, it is best to remove all contact, this includes social networking groups such as Facebook.  It is not good for you to check up on whatever he is doing.  If he offers to still be friends with you it is be worse for you because anyone you meet in the future might be resentful of relationship with your ex.

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