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Senior Dating Organisation

You have decided to start dating again, you need to get yourself organised. 

You need to decide upon your goals and objectives and get them organised
You probably have a vision of the sort of person you are looking for.  You need to think to yourself have you got the qualities which would attract the person of your dreams?

Write a list of your interests.  Think about what people ask you about when they meet you after they have not seen you for after a while.  

Nobody is going to about train spotting or your stamp collection if it does not interest them.  By listing your interests you can write a clear and defined dating profile which is interesting to potential dates.

Your personal qualities and short falls
There are always things we can improve about ourselves.

If we ask those closest to us we get the answers we need to improve.  Kids are great because they are brutally honest.  You might be colour blind and thinking of going out wearing an awful combination of clothes. 

Your kids or friends might advise to change your wardrobe.  They might tell you need to change your hair style.  They are not being hurtful.  They are just trying to help.

If you are a person who has traveled the world list this in your dating profile.  You will attract someone who shares the same travel interest.

Take a good dating profile picture.  Why sign up to a dating website and stick out your tongue or pull a stupid face or take a photograph the wrong angle.  Make the right choice of dating profile photograph and attract more interest from potential dates.  When you carry out online shopping you make your choice on the quality of description and picture of the product.

Going on a date
You need to think about the person you are dating, what interests them.

  • Are they a homely person?
  • Are they a bit of an old romantic?
  • Are they sophisticated?
  • Do they like animals, adventure?

You need decide what makes you both spark and organise your date around both your interests on a suitable day when you both are relaxed enough to enjoy the time you spend together without any stress about not getting there on time.

It is important you both dress suitably and have both been totally truefully in how you both wrote your dating profiles because if has been any little white lies then one of you might caught out.

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