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Single With Kids Dating For Divorced Separated Single Parents

When you are single with kids all of those activities like going on holiday picking up the kids from school and keeping the house up together, managing the finances is such a big job.  

It is a great strain on your sanity, time however it is also very rewarding, even though your kids are very young or teenagers they will remember what you did for them when they get older.

Get to know your date
It is important when you look for a future partner in your children’s life they understand what they are taking on.  

It is important to not introduce your children to anyone in your life until you have got to fully know them, by doing this no one has built up too much of an emotional bond.

How is your date around children?  Do they get too touchy feelly, do they have contact with members in their families children.  Some of these signs might start alarm bells ringing.

Who are you?
Are you a mother, father or individual who needs their own life?  Life can be very disappointing if as time goes by your family does not allow any social engagement outside of the family.

Are you ready to start dating again?
After a long period of being in a relationship sometimes it takes time to adjust and get to know your family, you might have been embroiled in arguments a difficult relationship break up, so much so you might need to have a rest from being with anyone.

Who is more important your date or your family
Your date needs to be understanding, if you have to get the kids to bed at a certain time you might not be able to talk to them for hours on the phone.

Who has been in your life more and will stick by you and appreciate your loyal more?  It’s your family and kids.

Some men or ladies might get jealous of your previous partner popping around to see the kids, they might not like if you separated on good terms.  Your new partner might not like your ex coming into the house. 

Keeping your kids informed about things that’s going on in your life
Let your kids know what is going on in your dating life.  Be open and honest with them.  There might have been deceit in your relationship previously, show your kids you are an honest person and then hopefully they will carry this characteristic on into their life as they get older and become honest adults with a sense of integrity.  

Kids are like sponges and we need be good examples to them. 

How stressful is your date
It is no good falling for a person if they are going to blow their top when a toddler blows their top because your date cannot control his or her stress levels.  

They might of grown up around someone who was a hot headed parent, why should your kids grow up and live with someone who like a firecracker waiting to go off.

Loving life with your kids and date
Do things that you all like as a family, it does not need to be expensive.  Take the kids out to the park, have a picnic, take a ball out and have a kick about.  Check out the prices online before you go anywhere you might be able to get a discount online.  Prepare food so that you do not spend a fortune at amusement parks. 

Take a camera.  Pictures are great to look back on in later years and they can help you through difficult times to help you or others fight back to health or remember what you had, do not miss out on those valuable memories.  Camera’s, Videos show how quickly kids progress and grow up it is a great way to see their progress.

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