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Why do I not get beyond the first date?

You have done a lot of the hard work, you have contacted the woman or man of your dreams online and have been enjoying their company online, however when you a go on a date with them it seems to go well however you never seem to get that second date.

Is your dating profile picture an honest one which has been taken recently and shows the real you?

Do you look your best when you turn up for your date? 

Do you dress in the right clothes for the occasion? 

Are well groomed, have you showered, shaved, polished your shoes? 

Are you a fashion victim?  Your friends might think you look great however the rest of the world might not.

Are you aiming too high out of your social circle?  If you do not have the right conversation to fit in with your date’s interests then you are not a suitable match.

Have you chosen the right venue for your date?  It is no good going somewhere where you both cannot hear each other speak. 

Do you interview the person or interrogate them instead of not conversing with them?

Lots of people are too concerned with their own lives and not what is going on in others people’s lives.  They rattle on about their own importance or problems.

There is nothing wrong with being competitive.  Some people do not know when to switch off they will not stop talking about what they have gained or achieved in life.

Are you a cold fish?  You do not respond at all to anything positively?  You show no affection at all or interest in other people’s lives.

It is not a good thing to talk about your previous loves or talk constantly about your kids.  If you do talk about your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend your new date might think you are still in love with them or have feelings about them.

A date is just a date it is not a relationship.  Do not get too obsessed with the person you are dating and phone e-mail them constantly.  Do not pin all hopes on your date.

Make sure your date is an informal one and one you can get out of easily if you feel in danger.

If you go to an expensive place to eat and then start complaining about the price of things.

Do not make any presumptions about your date.  If they interest you get to know them.  It could be you with the narrow point of view and not them.

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