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When should you take down your dating profile?

You have been out with your date a few times now.  You are thinking or you have been asked to take down your dating profile.

On most sites you can hide your dating profile.  Why not take this option?  If you are on a dating website which you pay membership for why not just hide your profile and retain your credit?

Why does your date want you to take down your profile? 

How long have you been dating for?  Just a few dates is not a relationship.

I know it sounds a bit cold, if you were buying a product and the product was still advertised even though you put down a deposit on it and showed you are committed wouldn’t you be angry if it was being still showing as available.

Why not mutually remove yours and his or her dating profiles?

Is he or she insecure?  

Is your date desperate?

Carry out a search on the internet for your date’s real name and profile name.  Check out their social networking site profiles, Facebook etc, you might be in for a shock.

Lots of people want a no strings attached relationship and want to just play around a bit without any commitment.  Get to know your date how long has he or she been on the dating scene?
There is so many singles out there that have been on the dating scene for a long time for a reason, find out why.

Lots of guys and gals are liars, good ones at it as well, they are very persuasive, be careful.  Lots of them can look you in the eye and lie and you would not even know it.  In the end as you get to know someone you will get to know the true them

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