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40s singleness dating

Life after 40 is daunting for everyone if you have been in a relationship for some time and you are thinking of dating again.  Where do you start to look?  You might have been a parent for years and had a home life which you thought was stable and then all of a sudden something hits you sideways and you find you are single after years of being a couple or family. 

You might have to bring up a child or children by yourself.  This can be challenging in itself discussing who has custody of the kids.  How much custody are you entitled too?  How much custody should you pay? 

I personally brought up my daughter by myself for a while, rightly so a lot parents did not want their
daughters to stay around our house with my daughter.  My daughter was just entering her teens.
You will also encounter the challenges of bring up and disciplining a child, if you are too hard you might scare your child away, if you are too soft you might spoil them?

You have the challenges of dealing with finances by yourself.  You need to get yourself organised.  I had post it notes everywhere. 

As a single dad I needed to learn how to organize getting all of the washing done, helping with homework, normally if one parent is good with maths and the other English you need share the challenges between you both however as a single parent you need to become a good all-rounder.
I had to learn how to cook and do the washing sometimes a bottle of bleach come in handy if I mixed
There is lots of singles out there like you!
clothing in the wash.  White school tops and shirts soon went in the bowl and come out white again after having a good dowsing of bleach.

Some of the food was terrible, it was good we had strong teeth so that we could eat the burnt offerings.

All of this was a challenge especially when you meet someone and need to drive all over town to your new girlfriend’s house later on down the line. 

It was difficult and frustrating dealing with boyfriends of daughters and stepdaughter.  I know what lads are like because I was a teenager once.

All of life’s challenges were worth it.  Find someone who was not only suitable for me as a single father becomes friends with my daughters and I become a friend to my step daughter too.  It has not been easy however if you work through life’s ups and downs you can reflect on life and feel proud of what we have all learnt and achieved.

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