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Are you both love compatible?

Everyone wants to know if they are compatible when enter into a relationship with someone.  Lots of couples have different view on different subjects, it does not mean you are completely incompatible.  If you disagree on the majority of things in life you might have a problem.  The bigger the things you disagree on for example the bigger the problem in your relationship.

All relationships run into problems even the best ones, all couples should discuss the differences in a calm manner on a regular basis.
  • Do you both share the same interests?
  • Do you both like the same music?
  • Do you both share the same religious beliefs?
  • Do your relish or loath spending time together?
  • Do you try to please or surprise each other?
  • Do you miss each other when you are apart?
  • Are you both matched intellectually? 
  • Can you have a decent conversation together?
  • Do you enjoying going out and your partner does not?
  • Are you well-travelled and your partner wants to stay at home?
  • How is your body language?  Do you both stand facing each other?  Do you cuddle and sometimes touch each other unsubconsciously.
  • Do you and your partner go to bed at the same time?
  • How often do you argue?
  • Are you committed to each other?  Would anything for your partner to help save him or her from a dire situation.
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