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Being honest when dating

It is important to be honest truthful in all walks of life including when going through the process of trying to find a new friend or partner online and form a relationship with them later on.

How can you move forward with your relationship if you cannot trust each other?

Your dating profile is information you put down about yourself.  It is also evidence of how you view yourself and how you describe yourself to others.  If it is not what you are then you will get caught out later on. 

If you should describe your physical appearance as being athletic and have a picture of yourself looking fit from 10 years ago when you were really into the Gym, it is more than likely your date is going to have certain expectations when he or she meets you.

You are not being dishonest if you do not mention things you are being dishonest if you embellish the truth though.

It is important not to get too attached or tell your friends about this wonderful man or lady you have been chatting to online because when you come to meet him or her you might become embarrassed when you have to tell them how you were naive and believed everything your date said about themselves.

Sometimes it is best if you leave a bit of mystic about yourself, you do not need to tell everyone everything.

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