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Dating an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs are very driven people, they know what they want to do and they are determined to get there.  They want results in life.  They will not waste time on lost causes.  It is important they have the best things in life.  If there is a way to do something they might think of an alternative way to do it that others will not.

An Entrepreneur is someone who could work 24 hours a day.  If they need to produce something for a customer or do something to prop their business they will work on it until it gets done.

Anyone who is passionate or determined likes to talk about their interests.  If your entrepreneur is passionate about his or her business they will talk about it when they are not working.
You must expect telephone calls at odd times of the day or night. 

An entrepreneur has all of the gift of the gab they are very convincing when trying to get their point of view over.

An entrepreneur evaluates risk and return on investment.  If you are not a good risk or worth his time he will not waste any more time with you.

You might not get lots of gifts from your man or lady even though they seem as though they are load, this is because they only want to invest in something they are going to get a return on.

You might think he or she is loaded when in fact all their money is tied up in their business.  They might look as though they are flash however they might be heavily loaded with credit. with loans to get the business up and running.

You might get envious probing questions from you friends, why should you tell them his or your business?

When you date anyone who is working hard to towards goals in their life your will eventually reap the benefits as well, if he or she want to take some time out to go on holiday it is possible they will want to take you as well.

Lots of entrepreneurs want to retire early, it is possible you could retire early with them should they hand over the business to someone else or sell it.

If someone is in a relationship with an entrepreneur then they should be understanding because you have been in their life for five minutes why should you reap all of the rewards should you both split up?

You need to understand he or she might care about you a lot however they might not show it.
If you want a bit of a varied and exciting life then date an entrepreneur.

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