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Dating in your 40s after divorce

You might have been married for decades and now find you are single again, times have probably changed since you were single all those years ago. 

You might feel nervous about taking things too fast or slow.  Each woman or man is different.  It is only after a period of time we get to know them, we always make preconceived presumptions about people and find out if we are right or wrong later on.

It is important not to be too trusting, you might not be very worldly and wise as you were years ago when you were in your teens or twenties.

You might have had your confidence knocked feel a bit of a failure.  This is not unusual, it is important to give yourself a bit of time before entering the dating game again.  

When you are ready sign up to sign up to a dating website you can browse anonymously until you are comfortable with what you are doing.

You might look older it does not mean you are not unattractive, you have lots of qualities about you that other people will find attractive about you.  You might find someone who is younger will be attracted to you.  This can give you a great boost in confidence; it is not always the right thing for you.

When you do start dating again you should be prepared for rejection, knock backs, give yourself time to regain your confidence so that you do not reach rock bottom.  Feel sorry for someone if they do give you a knock back, they do not really know you and you need to excuse their ignorance.

If you want to be successful at anything you need to persevere with it and keep on trying.  Dating is about having fun and enjoying yourself, when you go on a date, it just a date and not a relationship.
You need to be Mr or Mrs optimistic.  If you are it shows confidence and it will attract the opposite sex to you because people like to be around optimistic people.

You need to be aware there are lots of men or women on dating websites who are married and use the old line “My Husband or Wife does not understand me”.  If you meet someone on line like this you need to be aware they may do the same to you later on if you enter into a relationship with them.

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