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Dating in your 40s what to expect

Why when you reach over the age of 40 Dating in your 40s what to expect you find love again?  You have just as much chance and right to find someone to care for and to care for you as everyone else.

When you start dating again in your 40s it is a lot different to when you were a teenager or in your 20s.  Everyone has baggage when we get over the age of 40 we might have kids pets most of us have family, friends, careers any reasonable person would understand this.  Some people are not reasonable they are possessive; you really need to get to know someone before you get too involved in the

It is important not to be clingy, if you start to get desperate and phoning someone constantly, it is best not to introduce someone who you have just meet to your kids, friend or family.  Do not start bragging to your ex husband or wife about the new person in your life.

It is important not to leap into a relationship with the first person you meet online or offline.
It is important you learn to relax and enjoy going out on dates.  Feel comfortable in meeting the person you are meeting up for a date with, feel comfortable with where you are going for a date leave plenty of preparation time to get ready and to get to your dating destination.  Feel safe about who you are meeting and where you are going to.

Do not be to prejudge mentally about the person you are meeting.

Why not ask for friends help with writing you dating profile or choosing what to wear, you never know your wardrobe might need changing.  You might be underselling yourself.  Why not have a friend or family member help to take your dating profile picture, you will not have one of those awful photographs where you have your mobile phone at arm’s length and snap away and the picture comes out with you at a funny angle.  When the picture is displayed on your profile it does not sell you best qualities at all, it make it look as though you could not be bothered.

Why not have some fun dating and try dating people in different age ranges.

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