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Dating - Is Chivalry Dead?

Men, do you hold the door open for women?  Just as bad ladies, do you say thank you to a man when he holds the door open for you?

Women love it when you open or close car doors for them, lots of men forget to do this now with modern cars having central locking.

I have asked someone if they are disabled struggling with their shopping if they would like a hand with carrying their heavy load.  Because people are so miss trusting they have often turned around and asked why!  People feel as though they can no longer trust people now days.

Do you let people down?  If you say you are going to call or go on a date do you let the person you are meeting up with on the phone etc. do you let them down and not turn up or call them?  By severing contact you are letting the person down and do not value their relationship.

If you were to see a lady in distress would you try to help her out of her predicament?  I am not asking for you to put yourself in danger.  Lots of people turn the other way in situations they can help out in however they turn the other cheek and walk away.

Do you insist a woman never pays?  This is an awkward one, in today’s world of equality if a lady wants to pay why shouldn't she if she wants to, if the lady does pay she is not obligated to the man who she has meet at all.

Do you dive into your food without waiting for your date to start first?
I hate people who eat with their mouth open or speak with their mouth full.  Why do I want to see the content of their mouths?

If you are taking a lady out why do men get drunk and act stupid in her company? 

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