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Dating - Talking about your past relationships

When you have been dating someone for a while you will get onto the subjects of ex’s.  The older we get the more miles we have on the clock.  People like people who have been in long stable relationships, it gives them hope.  If you have had numerous relationships beforehand there is possibility you might not stick at this one because you are not a good bet.

What makes you tick is the past you have had and that is the reason why you are in your current relationship.

It is important not to talk about your ex partners or the time or make comparisons to your ex partners not unless you want to destroy your relationship.

You need to pick the right time and place.  It is not a good idea to big up any of your ex partners.
When talking about your ex partners you do not need to tell all by talking about your intimate moments.  It is not always good to reveal all details about the exploits you have got up to.

When revealing your past it is sometimes a test of your relationship and the bond you have together.
Make sure it does not sound like you have too many notches on the bed post.

You cannot change the past you can only deal with the future.  Remember your partner has had a past too.

When you talk about your past relationship failures this can make the alarm bells ring and so you need to be careful about what you say.

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