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Dating tips for shy people

You need to take things one step at a time, you need to build confidence up with the situation you are in.  This includes filling in your dating profile to chatting to someone online.

You do not want to tell everyone you are very shy and put them off, you can look out for keywords in some ones dating profile that indicate to you they might not be the right choice for you.

It is important when you go on first date you both mutually agree where to go that suits you both.  It is important that you both meet up in a public place for your own safety however you do not want it too busy.  Why not just meet up for a coffee first of all?

It is important you feel comfortable with the situation you are in.

Make sure you have some interesting funny things to talk about, like a comedian on the stage, think of life’s events your date might find amusing.  Think about topics, interests you have chatted about via e-mail and discuss them on your date.  If you go to somewhere visually stimulating on your date you can discuss things that are going on around you.

You should address the reason why you are so shy, the more you do the more you will build up more confidence.  Remember it is just a date, it is not a relationship.  The person you are meeting you might not see them again and so just relax and take your time.  

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